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Meet Our Staff

“It takes a village to raise a child"

                                             -African Proverb

Director: Phyllis DeMotta

Aunty Phyllis DeMotta is the owner, Director and primary caregiver of Keiki Company Family Child Care. She has been caring for children as a Family Child Care provider for over 30 years. Phyllis has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development from Pacific Oaks College and is an Associate Professor at DeAnza Community College, where she also teaches Early Childhood Development.

Breanne DeMotta Rodriguez

Breanne, Phyllis's youngest daughter, was raised in the program and has been a part of the teaching staff for 10+ years. She has her degree in Communicology, with a minor in English, from The University of Hawaiˊi at Mānoa.

Amber Eichler

Teacher Amber has been with Keiki Co. for almost a year, after completing her practicum through De Anza College. While at De Anza, she received her A.A. degree in Liberal Arts Social Sciences. Currently, she is working toward her bachelors degree and becoming an elementary school teacher.

Aria Lilinoe Panisi

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